Foldable Suitcase for Traveling Universal Wheel GF-T909

RM 130.00

Model: GF-T909
Size: 34cm*23cm*58cm
Weight: 2.22KG
Capacity: 45L
Pull rod: 2 sections (can be hidden)

Model: 24 inches
Size: 41cm*24cm*64cm
Weight: 2.89KG
Capacity: 62L
Pull rod: 2 sections (can be hidden)

Model: 28 inches
Size: 49cm*27cm*78cm
Weight: 3.58KG
Capacity: 103L
Pull rod: 2 sections (can be hidden)

Package includes:
1*foldable suitcase

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  • Folding trolley case: This trolley case is made of excellent materials. It is soft,thin,flexible,light,resistant to falling,not deformed by extrusion,dust-proof,and not afraid of water. It is also made of thickened alloy rods,which are sturdy,durable,and not easily damaged.
  • Enough capacity: the internal capacity is large enough,which can be stored in different areas,enough for your daily business trip and travel
  • Convenient storage and space saving: When you dont apply it,you can fold it down and put it in the corner to save space.
  • Newly upgraded light sound and smooth: 360 light sound wear-resistant universal wheels, using precision axle smooth universal wheels, upgraded silent noise reduction technology, effectively reducing the friction coefficient on the way and reducing noise, whether it is rotating or flat pushing, it is easy. 360° free rotation
  • TSA Standard Customs Combination Lock: It has been certified by the Transportation Security Administration of the United States. It is an international standard for exit personnel. Collision, can bear 160 catties, strong and durable.